Trausch Fine Arts


This website is about our art and our business, TRAUSCH FINE ARTS. We are a married couple and are both career artists and art instructors. Gale also has her own website, Along with painting and drawing, we teach classes to children and adults. Tom often conducts workshops locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Follow the menu on each page to get more information on seeing our work in person, attending a class or a workshop and to see some of our upcoming events and shows.

YouTube videos

Cool video of my artwork portfolio

Video of a Demo done on March 20, 2023

Interview with Lake County Art League

Art Shows

I Love Plein Air - Saturday, August 5th,2023

Don’t miss a day devoted to all things plein air! This is a special year, as we’re back in person AND we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of PAPC. We’ve got a new kind of program this year: We’ll start the day with demonstrations by four artists and then begin a paint out with the artists on hand for guidance and advice. The second part of the day begins with a seated lunch catered by Lula’s Café inside the Newberry, where we’ll learn from two guest speakers on fun and helpful topics, as well as from the morning artists who will form a panel discussion about the trajectory of their careers. You can read all of the details and register on our web site.  Space is limited.

Illinois Watercolor Society - Live in-person Demo Saturday June 3, 2023

Chicago Botanic Gardens fundraiser gala for The Haven homeless shelter
“Two very French artists 👩‍🎨 to carry through with their French theme”

Tom's Recent Watercolor Paintings

Please call with any questions and for availability.


22" x 22", watercolor


13" x 10", watercolor


16" x 12.25", watercolor


9" x 6", watercolor


15" x 21.75", watercolor


11" x 14", watercolor


“The Elderly”

11" x 15", watercolor


11" x 14", watercolor
11" x 14", watercolor
30" x 22", watercolor
30" x 60", oil commission
In the collection of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith


13" x 19", watercolor

"Life Goes On"

11" x 14", watercolor


“Fall In The Door”

9" x 12", watercolor

“Mother Portugal”

10.5" x 13", watercolor



10" x 15", watercolor

“Rim Light”

12" x 15", watercolor



9" x 12", watercolor
26" x 36", oil commission


13.5" x 21.25", watercolor
13.5” x 11”, watercolor


14" x 11", watercolor
Coki Beach, St Thomas
9” x 18”, watercolor


10” x 18”, watercolor
8” x 11”, watercolor


10” x 13”, watercolor
36” x 30”, watercolor, commission


15” x 11.5”, watercolor
8” x 11”, watercolor


6" x 6", watercolor


14” x 11”, watercolor


11" x 14", watercolor


24” x 32”, watercolor


11" x 14", watercolor


11” x 14”, watercolor


11" x 14", watercolor


9” x 12”, watercolor


9" x 12", watercolor


9” x 12”, watercolor


11" x 14", watercolor


“Springtime in the City”

8” x 12”, watercolor, framed


“Winter Fields”



“February Snow-Dusk”

10” x 15”, watercolor, framed



12.75” x 19.5”, watercolor, framed


“The Path Less Followed”

20.25” x 13.5”, watercolor, framed



10” x 8.5”, watercolor, framed


“Stairway to the Past”

10” x 15”, watercolor, framed


“Smack down”

11.5” x 18”, watercolor, framed


“Waiting Orders”

12” x 9”, watercolor, framed

received an Honorable mention award at the 2021 Annual Watercolor Show at the Norris Art Center in St. Charles, Illinois


“Refueling The Past”

an original oil painting cover commission for this new book available through Amazon



9” x 6”, watercolor, framed


“Heaven’s Gate”

18” x 12”, watercolor, framed



10.5” x 16”, watercolor


“Cottage Garden”

12” x 18.75”, watercolor, framed




“Queen Anne”

9” x 125”, watercolor, framed


“Swept Away”

14.75" x 10", watercolor, framed


“Fall Trail”

15.75” x 10.75”, watercolor, framed



19” x 12.5”, watercolor, framed


“War Stories”

10” x 8”, watercolor, framed


“Monarch Pollinator”

6.5” x 4.5”, watercolor, framed


“The Gift”

12” x 9”, Giclee, unframed






Corporate “Chicago” giclee series on canvas installation


Corporate “Chicago” giclee series on canvas installation