Trausch Fine Arts


This website is about our art and our business, TRAUSCH FINE ARTS. We are a married couple and are both career artists and art instructors. Gale also has her own website, Along with painting and drawing, we teach classes to children and adults. Tom often conducts workshops locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Follow the tabs on each page to get more information on seeing our work in person, attending a class or a workshop and to see some of our upcoming events and shows.

Art Shows

“CLASS ACT” show - May 1st to May 30th at the Antioch Fine Arts Foundation Gallery
41380 Ill. Rt. 83, Antioch, Ill.
phone: 1-847-838-2274
open Thursday-Saturday 10am - 4pm, Sunday 12pm - 4pm
"CLASS ACT" - We are are group of artists from far and wide who meet each week in Woodstock, Illinois to paint together. As you tour our large exhibit, you will note that we paint in different media ... watercolor, oils and acrylics. The class is led by Thomas Trausch, TWSA Master status and is solidly built on the art elements of color, values (tone) and composition. Each artist is encouraged to work in their own style and choice of subject matter or to paint non-objectively. We sincerely hope you enjoy our exhibit. Please contact the artist or a gallery representative to purchase work, commission an original piece or to answer any questions.

Tom's Recent Watercolor Paintings


“Springtime in the City”

8” x 12”, watercolor, framed, $275 + tax

“February Snow-Dusk”

10” x 15”, watercolor, framed, $195 + tax


12.75” x 19.5”, watercolor, framed, $500 + tax

“The Path Less Followed”

20.25” x 13.5”, watercolor, framed, $500 + tax


10” x 8.5”, watercolor, framed, $165 + tax

“Stairway to the Past”

10” x 15”, watercolor, framed, $375 + tax

“Smack down”

11.5” x 18”, watercolor, framed, $600 + tax

“The Gift”

6” x 8.75”, Giclee on paper, $125 + tax

“Queen Anne”

9” x 125”, watercolor, framed, $135 + tax

“Waiting Orders”

12” x 9”, watercolor, framed, $375 + tax

received an Honorable mention award at the 2021 Annual Watercolor Show at the Norris Art Center in St. Charles, Illinois

“Refueling The Past”

an original oil painting cover commission for this new book available through Amazon


9” x 6”, watercolor, framed, $175 + tax

“Heaven’s Gate”

18” x 12”, watercolor, framed, $575 + tax


10.5” x 16”, watercolor, $500 + tax

“Cottage Garden”

12” x 18.75”, watercolor, framed, $450 + tax

“Matthiessen State Park”

15.5” x 19”, watercolor, framed, $495 + tax

“Swept Away”

14.75" x 10", watercolor, framed, $375 + tax

“Fall Trail”

15.75” x 10.75”, watercolor, framed, $325 + tax


19” x 12.5”, watercolor, framed, $600 + tax

“War Stories”

10” x 8”, watercolor, framed, $395 + tax

“Monarch Pollinator”

6.5” x 4.5”, watercolor, framed, $195 + tax

“The Gift”

12” x 9”, Giclee, unframed, $29 + tax

“Winter Fields”


“C.B. G. Winter”

15.5” x 20”, framed, $600 + tax
Corporate “Chicago” giclee series on canvas installation
Corporate “Chicago” giclee series on canvas installation